Woodruff Shelties

Like the herb, Sweet Woodruff, that has been used for generations to sweeten May wine, Shelties add a special essence to the lives of their owners. We invite you to sample our particular flavor of Shelties. They have always exceeded our expectations, and we trust they will exceed yours as well.

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Favorite moments at Woodruff Shelties

News for August 2017

Daisy’s litter arrived on September 11!  Visit the Nursery page for more information! 

A Woodruff Sheltie is an excellent choice

Because Woodruff is a small show hobby breeding program, our numbers are limited but quality is high. Structures are sound and sturdy, which will allows any sport to be a safe option with minimized risk of injury. Temperaments are winsome, affectionate, loyal and intelligent, and like classic Shelties, will bond deeply with their family, including young children and kitties. Please see the Puppies page for information on why purchasing a puppy is a great ethical and economical decision. 

Getting Started

Like what you see, and want a Woodruff puppy? The best way to start is to read all the information on the Puppies page and then fill out the questionnaire. When the number of puppies is known, I will contact a short list of families. If the puppies aren’t good matches for their needs, I will contact additional families who have completed a questionnaire. Thank you so much for your interest and patience!

Member Greater St. Louis Shetland Sheepdog Club

Me and Summer, 2015

Summer, from my first litter, continues to be a special buddy. At 11 years old, she is still spunky and doing well in agility training, has also enjoyed playing in Rally Obedience and Conformation.

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